Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I love to promote me some me (or at least my job)

I've had my job, which I consider the purrfecto match for who I am and what I want, for nearly five years. It's the longest I've ever done anything in my life. I still am as excited about going to to work every tomorrow as I was the first day. Yet, despite probably close to a dozen mass-email updates about my job and its rewards, I find that many of my friends don't have a particularly concrete understanding of what I do. That's my fault mostly, because I assume too much about others' available time to dive into the Web site, And also, I think that most of us really don't know what our friends do. I couldn't explain what most of them do, except for the teachers and writers. But unlike most people, I got really lucky and someone else decided to explain my job for me.

The Voice of America radio network very recently did this five minute feature about L.A. Youth. It's pretty good. We're all proud of it, except perhaps how we sound. Each of us interviewed claims that everyone else sounds great, but that we don't sound like ourselves.

Here's the link to the Web version, which you can read.

Here's the link to the listenable version (complete with our voices!)

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