Sunday, October 07, 2007

Blog absense, blogger age

Dear readers,

I have blogged less often the past week b/c I literally have been more exhausted than at any point in my life. Work has been pretty crazy (11- and 12-hour days) but still, I did this routinely when working as a reporter at the Times Union and could bounce back fine. But now, not so much. Exacerbating things ... this computer, which will often keep me up as long as 90 minutes after I've decided to go to bed. So I will be shutting it down at 11 p.m. on work nights until after our November issue is published. Hopefully this doesn't prevent blogging, but it's possible.

And it's sooooo important that I maintain some kind of energy edge with concerts coming up Thursday the 11th, Friday the 12th (in San Diego and I work the next morning), Monday the 15th, Wednesday the 17th, Tuesday the 23rd, Thursday the 25th, Tuesday the 30th (?).

:( (I type that only because I don't know the "tired' emoticon)

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