Wednesday, October 10, 2007

So lucky, so unlucky

For the first time in my life yesterday, I walked away from an ATM before completing the entire transaction process. I hadn't even intended to use an ATM, because I wanted to get cash for a check, but the Columbus Day observance scuttled those plans.

So I go to the ATM to withdraw cash instead. I get my money, no problem and then for some inexplicable reason I just leave. As I'm walking away I hear "excuse me" and for some weird reason I suspect it's intended for me. I turn around.

"You left your card in the ATM."

I didn't respond in dialogue. I respond by beelining back to the ATM. As I'm saying thank you emphaticallly, a guy to my right jokes "Remember to leave your PIN next time." Ironically, no PIN was required because I never even "exited" the transaction. All good samaritan had to do was hit "Another transaction" and drain me dry. So thank you good samaritan.


Now the unlucky, the Supreme Court of the United States decided not even to hear the case of a man who was kidnapped by the CIA and sent to an overseas CIA-run prison for interrogation, where he claims he was tortured. What the fuck? Will we never learn to stop giving ammunition to the like of Ahmadinejad in his cause against the United States? Will we never remember that one of the founders of this country said that a man who would give up any liberty for an ounce of security deserves neither? Will this country's leaders realize that they are not Jack Bauer and don't work for CTU?

And then there was this ...

The Democratic-led Cowardgress is set to approve more domestic wiretapping, though they claim with more of a role for the rubber-stamp FISA court. Forgive me if I don't get weepy at the intergrity shown by the DonkeyDicks.

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