Monday, October 08, 2007

WTF is a "blue" tooth?

Bluetooth headsets. They allow cell phone user to talk without wires and makes users look like mem of the Borg collective. My roommates each have one and dig them, even though they'll enter the apartment and appear to be talking to themselves. However, that's a good trade-off compared to me, who enters talking on the phone while cradling it between my neck/shoulder and carrying groceries (which ultimately hurts).

So check this out from Laura Moser at

Little did I know that the year before, an international consortium of tech companies had gotten together to give birth to Bluetooth—a short-range, low-power communications standard that connects electronics devices via radio chips instead of cables. The name Bluetooth is a tribute to 10th-century Danish Viking King Harald Blatand (Bluetooth in English), renowned for unifying the battling tribes of Denmark and Norway. Bluetooth similarly unites different electronics devices, transferring small files of sound and data over short distances (up to about 30 feet) without the mess of cords and cables. For example, it can wirelessly connect your laptop to your printer, your speaker to your stereo, and your cell phone headset to your cell phone.

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