Thursday, October 04, 2007

NHL predictions

Eastern Conference ...

1. Ottawa Senators -- this will be their last year as a big big gun for a while. But I put them here in small part b/c I want their annual playoff failure to hurt even more.
2. New York Rangers -- I'm drinking the Kool-Aid. Lundqvist plus Drury plus Gomez will be enough to compensate for shakey D in that division.
3. Carolina Hurricanes -- I think they're bouncing back
4. Buffalo Sabres -- We're gonna have the second-best record in the conference, I think, but the playoff seeding will screw them
5. New Jersey Devils -- Brodeur
6. Pittsburgh Penguins -- I think they won't make quite the standings leap some predict, no sneaking up on anyone this year, but they'll be very dangerous in the playoffs and better for this lower seed in the longterm, as the team learns how hard this hockey stuff is night in/night out for a whole year
7. New York Islanders -- Ted Nolan
8. Montreal Canadiens -- Goaltending with Huet and gut feeling

Philly -- don't trust Biron or that D
Toronto -- it's a shame they'll be out two years in a row, but they're clueless.
Anyone else from the Southeast? PUH-LEAZE

I know it's homer, but I think the Sabres will beat the Rangers in seven games in the conference finals (they re-seed right?).

Western Conference

1. Detroit Red Wings -- With that division say hello to a return to the Pres trophy
2. San Jose Sharks -- Anaheim will miss Niedermayer and Selanne too much and Bertuzzi is still damaged goods
3. Calgary Flames -- Kippy and the D will be enough in a tough division
4. Anaheim Ducks -- Still have lots of talent
5. Vancouver Canucks -- Luongo will be that good
6. Colorado Avalanche -- questions about goaltending, but I like the young talent at F
7. Minnesota Wild -- They'll sneak in late
8. Los Angeles Kings -- the talented youth -- Kopitar and Cammalleri and O'Sullivan will put them over the top this year

Nashville is done, sadly, though that market never deserved its team.
St. Louis will be in the race all year, but come up just short (esp. with McKee hurt again)
Dallas Stars very close but I think a lack of scoring depth sinks them

I think the Wings come out of the conference and play the Sabres in the Cup with Buffalo finally winning in a year when no one expects it. Hasek's groin will explode on the ice in Game 6.

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