Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The end of civilization? Like seriously ...

O.J. Simpson, criminally acquitted accused double murderer (subsequently found liable for wrongful death of his former wife and her friend) has just published a book called ... "If I did it," in which (according to published reports) he describes how he would have committed the crimes, if he had in fact done them.

This might be the most despicable thing I've seen or heard of in many years. As much as I oppose the war in Iraq and have skewered the President for lying to lead us into war, I believe deep down that there was a moral calculus behind his decision, one based on an idealism and him stubbornly refusing to acknowledge facts that didn't mesh with his moral certainty. This book though just makes me sick and angry that justice and ethics seem like such vanishing concepts.

Shame on O.J., and the publisher. Part of having virtually unlimited freedom of the press is demonstrating taste and honor in not always using it. Nevertheless, I'll defend ReganBooks' right to publish it.

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