Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Revolution 2006? Pt. III

6:26 p.m. According to the Los Angeles Times momentum tracker the Dems stand to gain 23 seats in the House and two in the Senate. That's enough for one half of our bicameral legislature, but not the other. Nevertheless, I am feeling good about the trendlines in the House races.

The biggest snag I see thus far, according to NYTimes.com, is in the Senate with the race between Virginia Republican incumbent George Allen narrowly (50-49) leading Jim Webb. As cool as it would be to win control of the House (more teeth for Henry Waxman and a female speaker of the House most likely), I find myself really wanting the Senate. Having the more dignified upper house would seem to be more of a mandate that independent and centrist voters are sick and tired of the current regime's infuckingcompetence.

The gorilla of democracy is on the hunt for the bamboo of vulnerable Republican incumbents ...

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