Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Revolution 2006? Pt. IV

7:22 p.m. The Dems appear well on their way to taking the House. But not in nearly as convincing a fashion as Newt Gingrich in 1994. He was a rockstar back then (until Connie Chung sandbagged his mom on national TV), and no House Dem appears ready to assume that mantle--at least not yet. According to the Los Angeles Times momentumometer, the GOP has lost 28 seats. That's almost double the 15 the Dems had to gain to win.

In the Senate, alas it appears a dark road. Tennessee, gone. Virginia appears gone, if by the slightest of sure-to-be-challenged-(and-probably-unsuccessfully) of margins. Missouri's Claire McCaskill doesn't appear to have enough human-loving, Rush Limbaugh-haters in her state to win (unless St. Louis ballots are among the unreported). Montana, won't matter if those others go down. Maryland, looks back in the fold, but again the whole not mattering thing.

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