Wednesday, January 24, 2007


If you're not watching Battlestar Galactica, get some plutonium, dream up the flux capacitor, build a time machine out of a DeLorean and start yesterday. It's the best show on television. PERIOD. I love Lost (even though everyone seems to be backlashing it). I love 24. But this show is far better than either. It doesn't have Lost's actor weak links or 24's so-implausible-we-all-laugh-even-the-producers technobabble and technomiracles or the impossibly beautiful L.A. non-traffic.

And I am starting to hate the Best Buy on Pico. I do store pickups there because the one on Overland is often unparkable on new release Tuesdays, but the one on Pico ... well, the "convenient" store pickup tonight took 20 minutes, and 18 minutes of that was standing while a dozen employees walked by, with just three making eye contact, two saying "help would be coming soon" but none doing a goddamned thing. Eventually I got my copy of The Shins' Wincing the Night Away, but it was so late getting this transacted that I didn't listen to it tonight, as I spent most of it moving/packing/othermovingrelated scheit.

And watching two episodes of Battlestar.

One more thing. A while back I got tagged by my friend Janey and she tempted me into writing five goofy things about myself that basically no one knows. Well, I just thought of another.

I name my tech after television faves. My first laptop HD was named in honor of Buffy, though it wasn't named "Buffy." My current laptop HD is "Mountaineer" in honor of Sydney Bristow on Alias. My iPod is "Oracle" in honor of an Alias character. My external HD is "Boomer" in honor of my fave Battlestar character and my flash drive is "Starbuck" also in honor of Battlestar.

I am the biggest geek evuh, eh?

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Connie Chung said...

wow, mike, you are quite the geek.