Friday, January 05, 2007

Make the world a better place in one teeny tiny step

When people are sad you should give them a hug.

I know that this thought might seem really weird coming from a well-known snark, who tends to vomit at the thought of sentimentality (like mom blogs, sorry moms I know). But I inadvertantly made someone cry today (nothing intentional or even foot-in-mouthy on my part); it was a student who I was discussing a personal statement with. I asked a question that cascaded into tears as she mined herself for the answer. Nevertheless, I felt pretty horrible.

I sat there feeling powerless armed only with cliches. So I decided to sit there in silence, drop all my irony and just try to be a peaceful and warm vibe in her presence. And when she was done expunging I offered a comforting hand on her shoulder and then gave her a hug when she left.

I hope that I helped.


And I am trying to post more often this year. Nearly daily, if I can.

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