Monday, December 12, 2005

Best movie of 2005?

The Squid and the Whale. OK, it might not be the best movie of the year. But it's way up there.

Go see it.

More soon, the blogspot site is a bit whacked right now.


When are people born?


krazybarrister said...

hands down, march of the penguins

agentslaeyer said...

Penguins was good, but the Velveeta "narrative story" was kinda gross and the CGI underwater penguins were the biggest cheat since Frank Wychek's forward lateral.

agentslaeyer said...

So according to research there is only one CGI effect in March of the Penguins ...

On making the film: To Jacquet, who grew up in the Swiss Alps and relishes sub-zero climes, the cold was not a hardship, but dealing with winds that raged at 80-120 mph certainly was. “The wind made everything difficult. It made the camera vibrate,” says Jacquet, who used computer graphics to stabilize the image (the only special effect in the film).

Wow! I need to see this again, b/c those underwater shots looked ridiculously unreal.