Monday, December 05, 2005

Television is good, very very good

Jimmy Carter was on The Daily Show tonight. Fantastic man, fantastic talk show guest. Catch the rerun Tuesday night. It'll be good for your brain and even more importantly good for your heart. He is so brilliant and genuinely decent in every way George W. Bush pretends to be. His honesty, integrity and honor are sorely lacking in American politics and society and also even in myself.

And Maureen Dowd guested on The Colbert Report. Very good guest. She could easily do more TV, and probably host her own show. She's so quick-witted, and disarming and very beautiful, which is not a bad thing for television or life in general.

I love Comedy Central, and if they're honest that bundling cable makes it possible for us to have nicher channels like Comedy Central then bundle away.

Merry Xmas season and christmas birthday!


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