Saturday, December 31, 2005

Good-bye old year

This is from

Twelve months, 10 words. Let's say your best friend, a news junkie in withdrawal, just got back from a year in Antarctica and has asked you to summarize this year's headlines in 10 words or less. How will you respond? You probably couldn't do better than Merriam-Webster Online's list of the top 10 most looked-up words of 2005. In order of popularity: 1) integrity, 2) refugee, 3) contempt, 4) filibuster, 5) insipid, 6) tsunami, 7) pandemic, 8) conclave, 9) levee, 10) inept.

Happy New Year y'alls!

If you get a chance check out coldplay's performance on Austin City Limits. Their version of Nightswimming with Michael Stipe is pretty fantastic.

Btw, I heard Dick Clark on TV tonight. I hate to say this, but the ageless one sounded still very weak and clearly struggled pronouncing words and seemed not entirely aware of what he was saying. It was very sad.


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