Saturday, December 10, 2005

Weekly political apocalypse confirmation


The NYT off-leads with the fight over the use of cell phones as tracking devices. In the last three months, judges in New York, Texas, and Maryland have all ruled that prosecutors need to demonstrate probable cause to be able to access cell phone tracking info from phone companies. Prosecutors, naturally, want the threshold to be lower. Scariest buried factoid: Your wireless company can track you even when you're inside buildings, regardless of whether or not you're actually on the phone. And some companies keep that information for years.

--The idea that they can track me when I'm not even using it, is one of the ultimate signs that the MAN is turning the screws, ain't it? THIS IS A CORRECTION. BEFORE I HAD STATED THAT we could be tracked even without a signal. I re-read the article and realized that I'm an idiot. NEVER forget that.

The NYT today also ran a story that essentially said with Democrats like Joe Lierberman sucking the President's dick, we don't need Republicans like Tom DeLay in power to make sure that the Republican agenda for a screwed America takes shape. My guess is that my friend Bill, a very moderately leaning Republican who is actually an indepdendent (like me), would think that this article is right on. He's the President of the Joe Lieberman fan club.

I've also noticed a series of articles across the major papers, but especially in the Los Angeles Times about the lack of progress in New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina. It's been three months now and brown water lines and desertion seem to be the most prevalent things. It's really scary that CNN or MSNBC or even FuxedNewsChannel cannot find a way to put someone on the ground every night and give us hourly updates the way that they're able to for missing white women.

But perhaps the most heart-warming story today appeared in the New York Times. This story revealed how the United States continues to refuse to allow International Red Cross into the "secret" prisons that don't violate international treaties banning torture. If it's not who they are, but who we are as Sen. John McCain said, then we're fuckedmonkeys.


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