Monday, January 23, 2006

Another sign of age

So we went to see Giant Drag at the Troubadour Sunday night. They're amazing. If you're at all twisted in the head or had any bad relationship breakups or dysfunctional boyfriends/girlfriends then you might want to check them out. One caution though, if you don't think you could take a band that has a song called "Y.F.L.M.D." (You fuck like my dad) then perhaps you might not want to check them out. They are quite awesome though, a duo of just Annie Hardy on guitar and Micah on drums, keys and other. Though they have a similar instrumentation to the White Stripes they're way different (and to me, not quite as good, but that's not derogatory to Giant Drag). So if you wanna be on the forefront of what's new, check 'em out.

Now onto the quickie story. When we left the show at like 11:45 we were handed stuff from the street teams standing outside the doors. Usually it's a lot of crap--stickers, CDs, fliers for upcoming gigs, crapola. But this time there was something else, an invitation to the Giant Drag afterparty that night. After examining it, this thing was the real deal. Dave, Matt and I kicked it around briefly. But Matt was out, because he had to be up at 6:20 a.m. Dave asked whether I was interested in going after we dropped Matt off. Unfortunately, I had to drop the bomb ...

"dude, we're gonna be the oldest people there." I'm 30, Dave is 31 and Giant Drag is definitely not, and the member of their street team looked even younger. So we headed home that Sunday night.

It's still a good album, though.


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