Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Love comes from small surprises--retroactive posting

As a music fan working in non-profit teen journalism and also living in Los Angeles, I love CHEAP music. And I love rare music. And I love getting music ahead of time. So I LOVED the offer tied to the release of Jenny Lewis's debut solo CD, Rabbit Fur Coat. I'd get the CD mailed to me two weeks before the official release date, at a discount, avoid the retail middlmean AND get a limited edition 7-inch vinyl single (which incidentally I cannot play).

So it came today and it's a beautiful CD, btw. Review coming soon. But also included in the package was a signed note "Thanks, Mike! [heart] J[scribble that looks like "enny"] (I also have autographed liner notes to Jem's debut CD and Rachael Yamagata's EP), but this is the only one personalized. I also had no idea this was coming in the package, so yay!

As noted in this blog, I think Rilo Kiley is the best band of the past decade and seeing Rilo Kiley close its headlining tour last summer with a special appearance by Deborah Gibson doing Lost in Your Eyes was the BEST. CONCERT. MOMENT. EVER. So getting this little trinket was just about the coolest thing I could have ever wanted.

*dancing in my own head*

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