Tuesday, January 17, 2006

More evidence of a television golden age ... 24

Monika to me

i am shocked they killed michelle! we were all floored by that. palmer made sense, though it was bad, but top it off with michelle! right after she and tony finally had a year without any near death ctu experiences... that was just cruel. but i said out loud that something would happen as soon as they said goodbye and tony said, "don't do this." and now poor tony has to soldier on and save the day without michelle to keep him going. i guess they knew they couldn't kill tony (otherwise their fans, including me and probably you, would kill the writers) so they had to hit us with michelle but still...ouch. i'm sad. the rest of the whole thing was fairly unremarkable to me -- like i can't remember any particularly exciting moment (except when bill talked to chloe after she'd been arrested and they uncuffed her and she took the cellphone and just went, "hi,"-- that was funny) and i really couldn't follow jack's logic in going into the place where palmer was shot. that seemed stupid. i kind of like the president's wife being crazy, but i'm not really invested in it yet. i think part of the reason it is so boring is that the actual physical presence of people we like at ctu is at zero. bill, audrey, edgar, curtis -- we like some of these people but overall they are not very compelling without someone like tony, or even chloe, in the office. chloe is pretty great (why she was with that sleazy possibly evil dude from ctu, who knows). and bill and curtis were certainly quick to doubt jack and be all, "Ok. let's arrest him. he's bad now." at least audrey fixed her hair. and jack is stuck dealing with yet another lame teenager getting in the way of things. what was up with his vaguely trashy girlfriend? poor jack. at least he is now properly groomed, unlike the vagrant look he sported in the prequel. whatever, even if it wasn't great, it was 24, and i'll keep watching even if it is bad. the airport hold-up looks like it holds some promise. although i'm getting tired of all this hostage stuff -- it seems like someone takes someone else hostage every 10 minutes in 24 world, doesn't it?

Me to Monika

I wasn't that surprised that they killed michelle actually. i think it was part of the producers' intentions to "start over" this year. they didn't want us to expect all the same people to come to the rescue this year. also, i noticed that reiko aylesworth was listed as a "guest star" this year while carlos bernard was listed as "starring." i was very sad that palmer was offed. i mean it made sense, like you said, but i was really sad. i wanted david palmer to be MY president, dammit. and i didn't want to see michelle die (esp. after watching the deleted scene in the DVDs when she and tony and jack say goodbye to each other), btw, but i saw why they did it. but yeah, the death of tony would have caused a revolt.

i dug the episodes actually. i like that the bad guys were largely kept pretty much on the d.l. we don't know who they are really or what they want exactly. i think they're Russian, what do you think? and i am glad curtis appears as though he's going to be a major character and i like seeing edgar back and taking charge. and after watching the DVDs i grew to like bill buchanon. audrey still drives me nuts, and her too open shirt is so ridiculously inappropriate and distracting (yay FOX!). btw, nice to see John Beard getting more work. But you're right CTU played a pretty small part in this episode which did "feel" unusual. also, i thought bill was justified in doubting jack. bill and jack never had the closeness given that jack never worked with/for bill, except for last season. and the evidence was pretty convincing to me. i mean, palmer and tony and michelle and jack and chloe had a connection regarding a really fucked up situation. i was a bit surprised that curtis didn't raise more of an objection, but he didn't also seem like hardcore intent on slamming jack or anything and the coming attration looked as though he was ready to partner up with jack again quickly. the hostage stuff is kinda lame, esp. b/c the kid, but the airport setting could be good.

i agree with you that the presence of another accidental teen in distress really annoyed me. this could REALLY bring things down. but i like that it seems as though this season will follow last season in that there is going to be just the one major plot--no re-election and terrorism competing for viewers' attention. logan's wife's mental instability is at this point for me kind of a wild card. last year with driscoll's daughter was too much, but this year it seems wrapped up into the plot.

And Walt being a bad guy was pretty obvious, given how he plotted to kill Jack last year. and he of course satisfies the "bad guy on the inside" quotient. and it's pretty likely someone else will also join that role, eh? I am also thinking that chloe's affair could be that guy. but it seems like we've established a large pool of good guys--buchanon, audrey, curtis, edgar, chloe (who is like my new fave TV character ever). they need to make action figures of Chloe and Tony along with Jack Bauer. Btw, last i checked that Bauer figure was still like $100 and still just that imported figure from Japan.

and i agree with you about jack and his WT girlfriend, what's up with that? and how much reference is there going to be to the prequel? and jack being in chicago and jack obviously being involved with something espionage-esque on his "hiatus" from real life.

nevertheless, i am VERY excited to have 24 back on. watching season 4 was so amazing over the break, so going right into 5 is perfect. lost and 24 are kicked in and then alias comes back in march. i'm excited.

btw, saw kiefer on charlie rose a few nights ago and he was plugging his record label--ironworks records. check it out online. rocco deluca actually sounded pretty good and i might go check him out soon. going to see giant drag at the troubadour on the 22nd and KT Tunstall at the Troubadour on Feb. 2. not sure whether i told you that.

Monika to me

yes audrey with her outfits! ridiculous! we commented on that last night, but i forgot until you mentioned that.

Me to Monika

btw, any speculation as to how kim gets re-introduced this year? and what was up with jack getting from mojave to ontario in like 50 minutes yesterday during rush hour? hullo? he should still be on the road right now, right?

Monika to me

hey mike,

so i thought these two were significantly stronger than yesterday. that airport scene was tense! i was like curtis, listen to jack, he keeps saying flank two for no reason at all. that lord of the rings guy did something right, but i suspect he will continue to be a pain in the future. i felt bad for bill buchanan. i even started to feel bad for the annoying teenager. mostly, i wanted to throw things at pres logan.
anyway, i think next week will be good except for the lame confrontation between jack/audrey/jack's trashy girlfriend. i suspect kim will be reintroduced when she sees jack's face on the news or something, or if someone from ctu calls her. then she'll come in and interrupt some sort of important planning meeting by yelling at jack for not telling her he was alive. i was trying to think of past villains who could now be involved in this season, and i couldn't come up with anyone except skinny terrorist chick from last season/other seasons.

Me to Monika

hey monika,

great eps tonight. another thing kiefer mentioned on charlie rose was how the producers knew this year that FOX would launch with four eps in two nights (like last year, but they didn't know that last year). so the producers wanted to do the first four eps as a mini-series almost within the season this year and it definitely worked. the exhale after the tension build-up for these four episodes was HUGE. "flank 2" clearly meant something, but they had me going as to whether jack/curtis/bill/CTU would figure things out. also, even if they did figure it out, there'd be no guarantee that the CTU agents would save everybody as they appeared to. given that this is 24, some of those hostages or some of the agents could very well have died.

and sean astin/samwise/RUDY is going to be a thorn all season, but he seems like he's well-intended. i have a weird vibe about him though. not sure why, like maybe he's the other mole. i am sure i'm wrong, but setting up Spenser as the mole seems too obvious. i mean, Bill, Chloe, Edgar and Audrey are beyond reproach, but it's CTU so someone has to be a mole, and who else is working in that office this year? spenser and lynn (btw, couldn't astin's character get a real guy's name?)

great prediction on the kim re-emergence. i thnk your explanation sounds right on.

btw, i felt like the preview was soooo much that it had to go beyond just next week's episode, otherwise we'd seen almost all of it. good to see mike novick and jack finally meeting in person. weird to see how bad walt cummings has become so quickly. no "carlos bernard" in the credits tonight, btw. i miss tony. there was an interview with him in the los angeles times recently. i'll send it to ya.

p.s. i'm gonna post these e-mails on my blog.

Monika to me

i don't know if spenser is the mole either -- it does seem too obvious. but it might explain why he's trying to get close to chloe, because she's the computer expert. and while nothing ever distracts chloe from work, it would be a killer to have her downfall come in revealing something to spenser accidentally and then allowing him to go set off nuclear bombs or do something equally terrible. i don't think she would do that, though. i feel like her allegiance is pretty much just to jack (and partially edgar) and she wouldn't let this rico suave guy mess her up. but who knows?
what do you think is going on with palmer and the hidden stuff in his manuscript? and what's up with his "close" relationship with the psycho first lady?

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