Saturday, August 11, 2007

Love my job, love great music

Thank you, Thank you, DevinIAm.

As someone who works with teens for a living, I know that I've got a great job. Our kids NEVER cease to amaze me with their idealism, curiousity, judgment-free views, brilliance, humor, maturity and generosity of spirit. Devin, one of our newest students, was dedicated (like eight hours of waiting) and lucky enough to get a wristband for Rilo Kiley's secret show Friday in Eagle rock. In the few weeks I've known her, I've discovered that we've been to many of the same shows this year and have many bands in common. (Like I said, I have a cool job.)

Well, sadly, as someone with a full-time job this show was pretty much snake eyes for me. So what does she do? She scored me one of the 450 show posters!!!! How freaking cool is that? I really don't have the slightest idea how to say thank you.

It's weird, part of me feels like I'd be a loser if I get this framed to display it because I wasn't there. And I feel like only A TRUE AND PRESENT-AT-THE-SHOW fan should be showcasing something so cool. But then again, I got it by legit means (meaning I didn't beat up a manorexically thin indierock boy), so why not wear my musical heart on my wall?

Of my friends, I'm the biggest Rilo Kiley fan I know. Granted most of my friends haven't even heard of the band; though all who do seem to dig them. I got my friend, Claire, who's a mother of two young children, into them!!!! However, compared to those who post on, I'm nothing. These guys and gals are almost scary in their devotion and make me seem downright poser. And I mean "scary" as the ultimate compliment. They are the living embodiement
of Band-Aids from Almost Famous (save for the sex). They just love the band in such a pure way. Though I'm a bit bashful to post anymore to something like this, I feel what they feel.

Rilo Kiley supplanted R.E.M. a couple years ago as my all-time fave band. And "Pictures of Success" surpassed "Nightswimming" as my favorite song. RK is a band that makes me feel like a high school student in the way I approach the band's music. I have a slavish love. But I think the cool thing is that my appreciation is deeper than it would have been back then, given the extra 15-16 years of neurons firing in my brain. It's probably the closest I'm ever going to get to understanding William Blake's notion of "higher innocence," which is essentially regaining the unspoiled-childlike perspective yet with the benefit of experience.

This post is rambling. But it's Saturday night and I'm beyond exhausted after this week.

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