Monday, August 20, 2007

Vacation thy name is ambition

I am one day down of my four-day weekend. This Tuesday and Wednesday are the last days that I feel I can afford not to be in the office until Thanksgiving pretty much. The deadline stress of back-to-back-to-back issues from September through November won't allow much relaxing after this. So here's the hoped for agenda that I hoped to accomplish this long weekend:

1. Organize room: throw out garbage, sort ticket stubs and bank slips, hang pics, CDs DONE
2. Read seven Entertainment Weeklys, which would bring me up to date (that's two+ a day now) ON PACE
3. Read all of Buffy Season 8 comics that I have (Monday)
4. Catch up on Astonishing X-Men (Monday)
5. Read half of X-23 (Tuesday)
6. Catch up Dark Tower origins book (Tuesday)
7. Read at least one Ultimate Nightmare trade (Wednesday)
8. Watch three movies (Breach, Bourne Ultimatum, Letters from Iwo Jima) -- that's going to require one per day ON PACE
9. Blog about Comic-Con (Monday)
10. Blog about California Day (Monday)
11. Dust room (Wednesday)
12. Get haircut (Tuesday) DONE
13. Grocery shop (Monday)
14. Figure out which comics I'm lacking and order/buy to complete Astonishing X-Men, Dark Tower and X-23 gaps. (Wednesday)
15. Completely read Game of Shadows (each day) ON PACE
16. Read X-Men/Fantastic Four crossover (Monday) DONE
17. Skate (Wednesday)

This may not be possible. In fact, I think it won't be if I actually want to sleep, which is the main point of this whole vacation—recharging the batteries for the big push.

I advised a friend yesterday to blog when he's got a point, not to ramble. And now I feel as though I'm disregarding my own advice. Whatever, there was no way I had a shot at doing this without putting it out there. Will the working vacation be fulfilling and will fulfillment replace vegetating as best preparation for the coming stressbattle?

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