Tuesday, August 14, 2007

New Rilo Kiley tracks

I've been listening to the 30-second clips of the songs on Under the Blacklight at this site. I'm a little nervous. I love Dreamworld and really realy like Silver Lining and The Moneymaker, which are the first three officially leaked tracks. I am warm at best on anything else and am strongly anti Give a Little Love and Breakin' Up.

But I'm trying to remain open-minded and waiting to pass legit judgment until I hear the songs in their entirety and can study the lyrics. I am hopeful for Under the Blacklight, Close Call, 15 and The Angels Hung Around.

This year has been so amazing musically, I'm not sure what I'll do should my fave band in the world disappoint. The good bit of karma re:music and fave bands is that R.E.M.'s open rehearsals in Ireland got RAVE reviews. I think they remembered that they're a rock band!

Review of Hansard show and Tift Merritt at McCabe's Guitar Shop this week.

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The Reel Man said...

Luke warm first impressions sometimes make for the better, long-lasting albums - I'll bet you end up loving it! Um, or not.