Friday, August 10, 2007

On writing ... and obsession

The stars fell from the heavens with such brilliance in the predawn sky Sunday that even the penetrating darkness of night gave way to the subtlety of shadow.

I once wrote that many years ago. It's a sentence unlike any other I wrote while a reporter for the Albany Times Union. I am not sure what I tapped into for that story about the Perseids meteor shower, but it was something very unusual for me. Not to brag, but my prose usually never has that kind of lyrical quality. I'm usually all snark and overage teen spirit with a dash of profanity and liberal ideologoy self-righteousness, with hopefully a filter of logic.

I wonder what happened to me that day. I know at least one thing, though, that sentence reflected the awe and wonder I feel about nature. The awesomeness of nature that reinforces my atheism, which is ironic to some. Others see the wonders of the universe and assume only a God could create them, while people like me see them and wonder why do people need something more? Is nature not awe-inspiring enough?

This post is rambly so I'm shutting it down.

Last thing, drink Ommegang and watch The Prestige.

Post-last thing ... Rilo Kiley played a "secret" show tonight at a bowling alley in Eagle Rock. I coulnd't go because wristbands disappeared doublebubble fast and also I couldn't steal away from work early to do the wait-online-all-day thing. I wonder how the show was? I'm sure it was brilliant and very special treat to get the debut performances of Under the Blacklight. I am SOOOOOOO FUCKING EXCITED for this album. Silver Lining and Moneymaker are great. Dreamworld might be a lifechanger. Interestingly, it's the first Blake song that's knocked me head over heels.

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