Thursday, August 23, 2007

Mission accomplished?

Before my four-day vacation started this is what I wanted to get done:

1. Organize room: throw out garbage, sort ticket stubs and bank slips, hang pics, CDs DONE
2. Read seven Entertainment Weeklys, which would bring me up to date (that's two+ a day now) I read five
3. Read all of Buffy Season 8 comics that I have -- NOPE
4. Catch up on Astonishing X-Men (Monday) -- NOPE
5. Read half of X-23 (Tuesday) -- NOPE
6. Catch up Dark Tower origins book (Tuesday) -- NOPE
7. Read at least one Ultimate Nightmare trade (Wednesday) -- NOPE
8. Watch three movies (Breach, Bourne Ultimatum, Letters from Iwo Jima) -- Nope on Bourne
9. Blog about Comic-Con -- NOPE
10. Blog about California Day -- NOPE
11. Dust room -- NOPE
12. Get haircut DONE
13. Grocery shop -- NOPE
14. Figure out which comics I'm lacking and order/buy to complete Astonishing X-Men, Dark Tower and X-23 gaps. -- NOPE
15. Completely read Game of Shadows (each day)
16. Read X-Men/Fantastic Four crossover (Monday) DONE
17. Skate (Wednesday)

And I forgot to note that I totally spaced on reading any L.A. Youth archives, though that happens after this entry. But more importantly, I achieved the balance between productivity and relaxation. I never felt rushed during this time off but managed to read an entire nearly 300-page non-fiction book, five comic books, watch two movies, read the newspaper everyday, which included the amazing four-part series in the L.A. Times about the physical manifestation of memory in the brain, skate once, get a haircut, read five issues of EW (including a double issue), hang two pix in my room, counsel a friend on relationship stuff and another on moving back to Los Angeles and edit a movie review. And I even squeezed in a nap. Plus I managed to watch the three shows I cared about: PTI, Futurama and Top Chef. I figure that's pretty good.

All in all a somewhat Zenny vacay.

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