Sunday, July 12, 2009

Change of pace

Because I hate the environment more than I hate anything else, I went to the beach in Orange County this morning for my Sunday skate. And it was awesome. Huntington Beach is gorgeous. The water is soooooooo much bluer than Venice and Santa Monica. Sadly, though, the skating path is spotty. Along Huntington Dog Beach and through the state beach it's very smooth. But as I skated north from the city center to that area it was too narrow and extremely bumpy.

The coolest discovery though was this giant water tower that's also a rentable beach house. It's the Sunset Beach Water Tower. Until I just went to the website, I was thinking of proposing this as the site of our next grad school reunion. But it costs $4,000 a week to rent during the summer. That's never gonna happen. Seriously, ever.

Spending for the day: $24.63 on gas. $17.06 on soy chorizo burrito, brie, chicken sausage, baguette and provolone at TJs.

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