Monday, July 27, 2009

Student loans ... never ending

$85.67 student loan payment on July 13; it's auto-deducted so I forgot.

I still have well more than $7,000 left to pay. :( I am now more than 12 years post graduation, so more than two years post technically when I was supposed to have finished paying them off. :( But I re-fi'd a few years ago and they changed the terms to a lower interest rate but for 20 more years. Once credit cards are paid off, which should be in two months, I will up my monthly payment a lot. Oh yeah, also noted today that I've lost nearly $2,000 on my retirement savings since opening up my account.

I hate money.

Viva socialism!

$5.15 at Target for floss and some processed food Spanish Rice.

$10.98 at Albertson's for sliced turkey, a 20 oz Coke and a new jar of Miracle Whip Light.

$23.46 at Trader Joe's for milk, naan, pasta noodles, muenster cheese, chicken sausage, a dozen eggs, a soychorizo burrito, bananas and mac and cheese.

$20 for lunch at Tara's the amazing Himalayan place around the corner from my apartment.

$4.79 at Mitsuwa (Japanese grocery store) for Salmon sashimi and a pack of Soba noodles. Btw, at Albertson's the same pack of Soba noodles costs like $5.69 vs. $1.99 at Mitsuwa. It's like buying Canadian beer in Arizona or Mexican beer in Buffalo.

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