Sunday, July 05, 2009

Like begets like?

I spent $7.84 on a new album from Irish folk-rock singer Cathi Bruns. While checking a secondary e-mail account I noticed I had a bunch of updates from one of my favorite artists, Gemma Hayes, a singer from Ireland who I've seen perform a bunch of times in Los Angeles. Gemma Hayes was recommending Cathi Bruns, who appears on the tiny label Amie Street, Inc. records.

Though this purchase went against my July mandate to change my spending habits, my urge to support an indie artist and indie label won out. Plus, I figure that someone like Gemma would be recommending something I would like. I followed Rachael Yamagata's advice to check out Stina Nordenstam and was very happy with that.

Anyway, based on the 2.5 songs I've heard so far, I have absolutely no regrets with this purchase. It's definitely got the coffeehouse singer with an acoustic guitar vibe going, but whoever said that has to be a catergorically bad thing?

Plus at $7.84 it was priced to move. To compensate though, that means leaving Regina Spektor, The Decemberists, Lily Allen, Camera Obscura, Tift Merritt and Conor Oberst all unpurchased this month.


$5.31 at Subway for dinner, that included my drink since I wisely got only a 6-inch sweet onion chicken teriyaki.

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