Monday, July 20, 2009

Razors are not cheap

$14.29 on razor refills. $12.69 on Pyrex glass food containers. I have now been scared enough by stories about plastic food storage (particularly when used in reheating) that I've made the switch to glass. $6.49 for 160 dryer sheets with Febreze freshness builti n. With tax the total at Target was $36.73.

$7.35 on a super tasty Gallego's burrito and a side of rice (which is for later).

$15.24 on sliced turkey, loaf of bread, potato salad and 24 slices of cheese at Albertson's.

And I dropped stuff off at the drycleaners but I won't be getting my pants back until Thursday or probably next Monday, so I won't be paying for that until then.

75 cents on parking meter.

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