Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Monday = errands = spenday

Picked up two shirts at the cleaners (I usually iron, in fact I like it because it's relaxinng, but these shirts don't iron so well at home; I just can't get them very smooth), at $3.

Mini-run to TJs for organic bananas, sliced crimini mushrooms, roasted red/yellow peppers and roasted piquillo peppers for $7.33.

$10 on an amazing lunch at Cafe Brasil. I love Brazilian food.

$30.42 at Albertson's for the bigger grocery run: some sliced turkey, sliced turkey ham, two jars of pasta sauce, two boxes of pasta, one box of jambalaya mix, bag of shredded Mexican cheese, bag of potato chips, box of Stouffer's French Bread frozen pizza and a bag of Udon noodles.

But I was also really behind on shit at home, so didn't go out to dinner with my friend, which honestly I regret, because I was really looking forward to that. Suddenly this blog is turning into me outing myself as a processed food-eating, cheapskate loser. :/

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