Monday, July 06, 2009

A sad day for breakfast on the West side

Maxwell's Cafe on Washington Boulevard in Culver City has changed hands and the breakfast burrito that I grew to love—it was the first food in Los Angeles that I hearted—has changed. It's no longer offered with red and green sauce. It now comes with meat or veggie sausage and guacamole, which has touches of cilantro, inside rather than just plain avocado. :( It was still good, but it wasn't the same and I don't know if it'll remain my fave breakfast place.

For the blog ... $33.05 breakfast for two though I vowed not to spend any money Monday, good fortune (insert fake laughing here) intervened and I pal'ed around with a good friend of a good friend and made my own new friend (move to L.A. in two years Mor).

$180 on car payment that I forgot to send in June. I'm a dope. Seriously, though, the push to be more green-friendly led Chase Auto Finance to send a new quarterly statement; rather than sending a bill every month (and postage and envelopes) they send three payment stubs once every three months and its incumbent on me to remember to send them. I forgot. phuk. Should I finally switch to online bill pay?

I debated about including credit card bills, but have opted against it, only because I am accounting for July expenditures here (and those were June costs).

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