Monday, August 11, 2008

Am I old, cheap or wise?

So I've been conferencing with reporters for the past two days/nights and no hard drinking, just two scotches with dinner tonight.

Today's tally $15 for the scotches (thank you for dinner, Knight Foundation/Poynter Institute) and $5 for the hotel tip. I still had of last night's $2 Sprite. I definitely need to get to bed before 2:30 a.m. this morning.

I hope they take my freaking shuttle coupon thing tomorrow, dammit.


Last funny thought before I blog about the conference this week ... I was planning to go no shave, since the conference was just a few days (I shaved Sat. morning and the conference went from Sunday evening to Tuesday lunchish). Thus I didn't bring any shaving equipment, specifically my battery powered Gillette five-bladed fusion razor. Well, tonight I realized that my stubble was driving me batshittty. So I got some complimentary shaving cream and a disposable single-blade razor from the hotel.

WHAT A MISTAKE. After each stroke down my admittedly weak-ass Asian beard I could barely tell that I had even taken any hairs off. Consequently I kept going over the same spots again and again ripping off more and more skin but not hair really. After about 10 minutes I was done, my face bloodied and in pain.