Monday, August 18, 2008

California Day

Six years ago today I arrived in California after a 4,000-mile, two-week journey across the United States. Quitting the Times Union and moving to California is one of the two best decisions I've made in my life (along with joining college marching band). I say this not because I get to rollerblade along the Pacific Ocean every Xmas (though that is awesome), but because of the amazing job I found at L.A. Youth and the even more amazing people who have come into my life. So thanks to all the writers, co-workers, teachers and everyone. Y'alls rescued me from my alcohol-abetted despair.


Today's spend ...

at Target for multi-vitamins (I don't eat enough veggies, period), shoelaces and a big pack of toilet paper.

$8 for a great burrito and rice at Gallego's Mexican Deli.

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machiko said...

dude. don't hate on the veggies.