Monday, August 04, 2008

How quickly I spend

$9 for lunch -- Chicken-cheese at Big Mike's in El Segundo (includes fries and large soda).

$7.80 household stuff -- Eight-pack Target brand paper towels and small bottle Target brand hand-sanitizer to keep in my car.

$2.15 -- Bar Mitzvah card at Hallmark.

$14.11 -- Mini-grocery run at Trader Joe's. Itemizing it: $1.99 for pappardelle pasta noodles; $2.99 for dozen-plus frozen perogis; $3.49 organic thai baked tofu; $2.49 black bean and cheese burrito; $1.16 on organic bananas; $1.99 giant cucumber.

With travel coming up Sunday and Saturday night's dinner already planned, I realized that I could get away with buying fewer groceries this week.

I still have to pay bills today, which include credit cards, car payment and car insurance. But then it's up to me to keep expenses in check for the rest of the month.


Monthly Bills

Credit Card 1: $250 (Paid in full)
Car Insurance: $110 (Paid monthly)
Car Payment: $170 (Paid monthly)
Credit Card 2: $400 (this month's dent)

I still have my cell phone bill, student loan and I think I'm due for another electric bill. And I still have to make my monthly retirement fund transfer. But I'm definitely going to build-up the cushion again.

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