Thursday, August 14, 2008

More spending -- again it's all adding up fast

Tuesday: $2 tip for shuttle driver to Tampa airport.

$15 Chili's lunch at the Tampa Airport as I got stuck because of airline delays. This can be reimbursed.

$2 tip in hotel.

Wednesday: $27 for parking at LAX. This will be reimbursed. This proved to be with tip basically equivalent to taking a cab one way to the airport, but I would have needed one both ways since I got delayed a day.

$25 dinner at Good. Yeah, a little expensive, but totally worth it. It was good to drink the edge down from beyond exhaustion. Sadly, the dinner part was a bit weak. The chicken quesadilla wasn't much better than Taco Bell. But the $3 beers were fab.

$90.44 for a pair of new work pants. These were ordered months ago, but didn't ship because of inventory problems. The charge came through upon shipping though.

There's also some grocery charge this morning, but it's not here.

Thursday: $17.32 for a copy of Catch-22.

$3.33 for two Cokes.

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