Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Knee jerk defensiveness

OK, a non-how-much-did-Mike-spend-today post. I don't read many blogs regularly, mainly just friends' blogs and some newspaper blogs (The Homicide Report at the is one that I try to hit with some frequency, but don't sometimes because it is depressing).

But the one I read most regulalry is Molly Knight's blog. I discovered her blog while looking for RK bootlegs and fell in love with it when she embedded YouTube footage of my old college marching band's recent Radiohead show, which she adored. She's more importantly a professional writer, so her blog is GOOD. She frequently blogs about music, particularly Tori Amos, and her insights and ideas are often in sync with my own and always well-considered or at least really fun to read.

However, there are times when of course I am in disagreement with her, like from a very recent post:

Booooo. The Hold Steady apparently hates Radiohead as well (but not Oasis!). Shouldn’t we be saving this blog-hate for someone who deserves it, like Sufjan?

Why the hate on Sufjan? Why does he deserve it? Chicago from Come On Feel The Illinoise is one of my favorite songs from the past six years. And his concert at the Wiltern a couple years ago is in my top 20 concerts ever.

Then again, why did this bother me at all? I don't know Molly Knight. And if I did, so what? I disagree with Amy, Rich, Monika and Dave not often, but on at least a few bands every year.

Hmmmmmm ... I have to think on this.

P.S. I still have mad Olympic fever. I love anyone playing beach volleyball, Usain Bolt, Jonathan Horton's brass on High-Bar, the non-splash of the Chinese women's divers, LeBron James and Kobe Bryant cheering on other athletes, the American women's eights in rowing ... good times.

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