Monday, August 25, 2008

The month is almost over

I withdrew $80 Sunday. My plan is to make that last for the rest of the month. Some of the below expenses were charged, like groceries and gas.

Sunday 8.24:
Dry-cleaning: $8.90
Soap: $4.32 for a six-pack of Lever 2000 with Aloe (I like it)
Groceries: $16.86 at Albertson's (this included sliced turkey, crab meat, two veggie cake things, four veggie burgers); worth noting is that I saved more than $9 using my clubcard.
Gas: $34.88
Dinner: $20 for sushi (that's pretty damned good)
Milk: $4.49

Monday 8.25:
Lunch at Tito's: $6.45
Dinner at Ali Baba's: $20
Albertson's grocery run: $12.18 (more crab for a seafood salad I'm gonna make, plus dressing and mushrooms for said salad)
TJ's grocery run: $12.11 (chili, pasta, peppers, tomatoes, bananas, onions -- mostly stuff for seafood salad)

I'm down to just $17 in my wallet to last me through the coming weekend. Very doable.


Youtube memory lane of the day ...

Ironically, though I love them now and have seen them twice at rather exorbitant prices, I didn't really dig them when they came out.

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