Monday, August 18, 2008

Hooray for the 716

Fredonia's Jenn Stuczynski wins the silver medal in the pole vault. Hooray!! Too bad her coach "came off as kind of a dick" [scratch that and insert "was the only one miked"] during his interview on NBC. Tonally he could have sounded more encouraging to Jenn, who has just four years of pole vaulting experience. She came in second to the best pole vaulter EVER.

ADDENDUM: Editing and context!!! Jenn Stuczynski said that she was in a funk immediately following the "controversy" but not because of her coach, but how the public and many members of the media reacted to her coach. She told and the Buffalo News' Jerry Sullivan that she asked her coach what she did wrong (which because she wasn't miked, no one heard) and NBC caught only his ticking off the things on his list. She said in each report that she wanted the straight dope from her coach and that that's what she pays him for, not to be a cheerleader to an adult, who needs constructive criticism, not myopia. Sullivan and reported that she added that she appreciated the fans' support but wishes that it hadn't manifested as attacks on her coach.

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