Wednesday, August 06, 2008

One of two women will be my financial ruin

OK, that post title is probably a bit exaggerated. But I know that when Jenny Lewis speaks I buy. In this case, I just pre-ordered a copy of her new CD Acid Tongue (out Sept. 23) from By ordering how from them (and paying extra, with shipping it was $16.49, so probably at least six bucks more than Best Buy will sell it for), I get autographed liner notes.

I bought her solo record, Rabbit Fur Coat, online as well and got a free 7-inch vinyl single, which I'm not able to do anything with, save admire it. That was released on Team Love, Conor Oberst's mini label, so I was happy to work around the retailers and make sure my money went to an indie label and an indie artist.

The new album is on Warner Bros. so there's a lot less incentive to buy online, well, except for the autrographed liner notes.

My other woman is Rachael Yamagata.

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